Rosa setigera

Climbing Prairie Rose, Climbing Rose, Prairie Rose

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  • Rosa setigera

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Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: warm stratify for 60 days, cold stratify for 60 days
Germination: sow seed 3/8" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Looking for a hardy, native plant that will make a statement in your garden? Look no further than Rosa setigera, also known as the Climbing Prairie Rose. This US native shrub or climber can reach up to 15 feet tall with support, making it a perfect choice for adding vertical interest to your landscape. In late spring to early summer, Climbing Prairie Rose produces stunning deep pink, single-petaled flowers that can reach up to 2.5 inches across. While the blooms don't repeat, the plant's shiny dark green foliage turns beautiful shades of deep red and purple in late autumn, with red hips appearing in early autumn. This low-maintenance plant thrives in moist soil and can be found along streams, in prairie thickets, along roads, fencerows, and in clearings throughout the eastern and central United States. Add Rosa setigera to your garden and enjoy its mild fragrance and stunning beauty for years to come.

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