Bauhinia variegata

var. candida

Variegated Orchid-Tree, White Orchid Tree

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  • Bauhinia variegata var. candida

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Growing Info

Scarification: soak in warm water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: none required
Germination: sow seed 1" deep, keep moist, mulch the seed bed

Other: Seed needs warm temperatures after sowing to germinate (75 degrees F +). 

Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Bauhinia candida, also known as the White Orchid tree or Variegated Orchid tree. Standing at up to 30 feet tall, this small tree showcases an irregular, vase-shaped crown, donned with simple, broad, lush green leaves that reach up to 8 inches long. The stunningly fragrant, white to grey blooms that measure up to 4 inches in width are a sight to behold, enticing hummingbirds and insects alike.
Before the leaves fall, they are accompanied by the remarkable display of Bauhinia flowers, arranged along brown seedpods. These seedpods, up to 12 inches long, contain several seeds that stay on the tree for months and serve as the primary means for propagation.
Take delight in the beauty it brings while benefiting from the tree's practical use as an animal fodder. Experience a taste of South Asian culture as the flower buds can be pickled and consumed. Thriving in dry, well-drained soils, the White Orchid tree is free from serious pests and diseases, requiring only minimal pruning to maintain its uniform shape.
This tree can stylishly serve as a specimen tree, accent tree, or street tree in your garden. You can also enjoy its shade, cultivate it in a large observatory, or grow it in a large planter. Note that these trees generate a moderate amount of litter.

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