The Most Colorful Time of The Year

The Fall color appears in the leaves with less energy from the sun, the chlorophyll breaks down...

Landscaping with Wildflowers for Natural Beauty

Wildflowers are a species of flower that will grow and reproduce on their own. They are hardy plants that tolerate poor soils. Planting these blooms in a backyard garden creates a perfect environment to attract pollinators.

When is the Best Time to Plant Wildflower Seeds?

Spring is the optimal time to plant a wildflower garden, when the threat of frost is past and above 55°F, with annuals and perennials. The Fall is also an option to put perennials in the ground for early spring plants.

Plant Your Own Fall Colors from Seed

As the weather gets chilly and the days are shorter it's time to venture outdoors and enjoy the fall color. So, why do leaves change their color? Deciduous trees adapt to harsh winters by discontinuing the production of chlorophyll, the main ingredient in a plant that turns sunlight into glucose and feeds the trees resulting in green-colored leaves.

Planting a Tree in the Fall: Do or Don't?

Is it ok to plant a new tree this late in the Fall?
Now that the landscape is alive with gorgeous color you may be thinking of adding a new fall color trees to your yard. But is it too late in the season?

Get Inspired with Flowering Shrubs

Spring Planting for Trees and Shrubs should be as early as the ground can be worked. Trees and Shrubs add beauty, clolor and texture to your backyard oasis.


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