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Author:Jeffrey J. Witcosky, USDA Forest Service
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Author:Dave Powell, USDA Forest Service
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Author:USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database / Herman, D.E. et al. 1996. North Dakota tree handbook. USDA NRCS ND State Soil Conservation Committee; NDSU Extension and Western Area Power Admin., Bismarck, ND.
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2018 crop Santa Fe, New Mexico

Picea pungens

var. glauca NM Santa Fe

Blue Spruce

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  • PICEA pungens glauca NM Santa Fe

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New Mexico
Santa Fe National Forest
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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: none required
Germination: sow seed 1/4" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Discover the captivating beauty of Picea pungens var. glauca Blue Spruce. With its intense blue color, this popular ornamental tree will add a touch of elegance to any landscape. The Kaibab source, known for its stunning blue color, ensures that a high percentage of seedlings will display the striking blue needles. However, if you're looking for an even more vibrant blue, our Majestic seed source is the perfect choice. This variety is also grown for the cut Christmas tree industry.

The Blue Spruce, also known as Colorado Blue Spruce, is native to western North America and can be found in regions such as Utah, Wyoming, and Arizona. Unlike other spruce species in the area, it grows at high altitudes and is commonly found along streamsides in mountain valleys.

This medium-sized evergreen tree can reach heights of 25-30 meters and has a conical crown. Its needle-like leaves are rhombic in shape and vary from dull gray-green to bright glaucous blue. The tip of the leaves is sharply pointed, giving the tree its specific epithet pungens.

The Blue Spruce has pendulous seed cones that open to reveal their thin, flexible scales. The cones mature to a pale brown color and contain black seeds with a pale brown wing. These trees have a deeply penetrating root system, which helps anchor them against strong winds.

Suitable for a range of soil types, Blue Spruce thrives in moist soils but can tolerate drier conditions if provided with deep, moist soil. It prefers a cold and dry high mountain site and can withstand exposure to some degree. This long-lived tree is slow-growing in the wild, with some specimens recorded to be as old as 800 years.

The Blue Spruce is a versatile tree that can be used as a Christmas tree, ornamental tree, and even for lumber. Its stunning blue color and impressive size make it a standout feature in any garden or landscape. Whether you're looking to enhance your outdoor space or add a touch of holiday cheer, the Picea pungens var. glauca Blue Spruce is the perfect choice.

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