Callirhoe involucrata

Purple Poppy Mallow, Purple Poppymallow

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  • Callirhoe involucrata

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Scarification: none required
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Germination: sow seed 1/16" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Callirhoe involucrata Purple Poppy Mallow, also known as purple poppy-mallow, is a stunning perennial that is native to the United States and northern Mexico. It is a mat-forming plant that grows best in dryish, rocky soils in prairies, fields, and along roadsides. The plant typically forms a low foliage mound that reaches 6-9" tall on procumbent stems which spread along the ground to 3' wide. The cup-shaped, five-petaled, magenta flowers are upward-facing and poppy-like, and continuously appear on thin stems above the foliage from mid-spring to fall. The flowers have a rich wine-red color with a white eye, and stamens form a prominent central column typical of mallow family members. The leaves of the plant are palmately divided into 5-7 finger-like lobes.

This plant is a 1999 Plant Select® winner and grows to 5” x 24”-30” wide when propagated by seed. It is a valuable plant for hot south or west facing beds and will thrive in a wide range of soil types, including clay. It prefers well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil. This plant is drought-tolerant and prefers dry or moist soil. It gently reseeds itself and will slowly spread if you let it. Recommended companion plants include Chocolate Flower, Purple Prairie Clover, and Sundrops.

Propagation of Callirhoe involucrata Purple Poppy Mallow is best by sowing seed in situ in April. The plant resents root disturbance, so it is best to avoid dividing it. Cuttings of young basal shoots in a frame in sand is another way to propagate. The shoots should be harvested when they are about 10cm long with plenty of underground stem and potted up into individual pots. Keep the cuttings in light shade in a cold frame or greenhouse until they are rooting well.

In summary, if you want a stunning, vibrant plant that is beautiful in any garden and drought-tolerant, choose Callirhoe involucrata Purple Poppy Mallow. It will add color to your garden all summer long and requires little maintenance.

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