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Ageratum conyzoides L.

Tropical Whiteweed

Allium ursinum L.

Bear's Garlic, Ramsons, Wild Garlic

Cymbopogon flexuosus (Nees ex Steud.) Will.Watson

East Indian Lemongrass

Eucalyptus botryoides Sm.

Bangalay, Bastard Jarrah, Southern Mahogany, Woollybutt

Eucalyptus cinerea F. Muell. ex Benth.

Silver Dollar Tree, Argyle Apple

Eucalyptus cloeziana F. Muell.

Cloeziana Gum, Dead Finish, Gympie Messmate, Queensland Messmate, Yellow Messmate

Eucalyptus goniocalyx F. Muell. ex Miq.

Bundy, Long-Leaved Box, Mountain Graygum

Illicium floridanum J. Ellis

Florida Anise Tree, Purple Anise

Lavandula stoechas L.

French Lavender, Spanish Lavendar, Topped Lavendar

Monarda didyma L.

Scarlet Beebalm

Mentha x piperita


Allium cepa 'Red Creole'

Red Creole Edible Onion

Allium christophii

Star Of Persia

Allium tuberosum Rottler ex Spreng.

Chinese Chives, Chinese Leeks, Flat Chives, Garlic Chives

Amorpha canescens clean seed

Lead Plant, Leadplant

Callicarpa americana L.

American Beautyberry

Eucalyptus gunnii Hook. f.

Cider Gum

Eucalyptus microcorys F. Muell.

Australian Tallowwood, Tallowwood Eucalyptus

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Abies amabilis

Abies amabilis

Cascade Fir, Lovely Fir, Pacific Silver Fir


Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Cercidiphyllum japonicum

Japanese Judas Tree, Katsura Tree


Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea Cook's Blue

'Cook's Blue' New Hampshire

Balsam Fir, Cook's Blue Balsam Fir


Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea Quebec


Balsam Fir


Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea var. phanerolepis WV Canaan

var. phanerolepis WV Canaan

Canaan Fir


Abies nordmanniana

Abies nordmanniana subsp. equi-trojani

ssp. equi-trojani

Trojan Fir


Abies cephalonica

Abies cephalonica

Greek Fir


Abies cilicica

Abies cilicica

Cilician Fir, Taurus Fir


Abies concolor

Abies concolor AZ, Kaibab

ssp. AZ, Kaibab

Concolor Fir, White Fir


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