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Cucumis dipsaceus Ehrenb. ex Spach

Hedgehog Gourd, Teasel Gourd, Wild Cucumber

Cucumis melo L.


Cucumis sativus L.

Cucumber, Garden Cucumber

Cornus kousa 'Gold Star'

Gold Star Kousa Dogwood

Cucumis sativus 'Cross Country Form'

Cucumber, Garden Cucumber

Daucus carota ssp. sativus 'Gold Pak'

'Gold Pak' Garden Carrot

Prunus avium 'Stark Gold'

Gean, Sweet Cherry, Wild Cherry

Cucumis melo 'Hearts of Gold'

Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe, Hearts of Gold Melon

Cucumis sativus 'Marketmore 76'

Cucumber, Garden Cucumber, Marketmore 76 Cucumber

Cerasus avium 'Stark Gold'

Cucumis sativus 'Spacemaster'

Cucumber, Garden Cucumber

Cucumis sativus 'Lemon'

Lemon Cucumber

Cucumis sativus var. National Pickling

National Pickling Cucumber

Cucumis anguria L.

Cucumis myriocarpus E. Mey. ex Naudin

Cucumis metuliferus E. Mey. ex Naudin

Cucumis ficifolius A. Rich.

Cucumis prophetarum L.

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Abies balsamea

Abies balsamea Quebec


Balsam Fir


Abies cephalonica

Abies cephalonica

Greek Fir


Abies cilicica

Abies cilicica

Cilician Fir, Taurus Fir


Abies concolor

Abies concolor CO, San Isabel

ssp. CO, San Isabel

Concolor Fir, White Fir


Abies concolor

Abies concolor lowiana California

ssp. lowiana California

Low's Fir, Sierra White Fir


Abies concolor

Abies concolor lowiana Oregon

ssp. lowiana Oregon

Low's Fir, Sierra White Fir


Abies recurvata

Abies recurvata var. ernestii

var. ernestii

Ernest Fir


Abies fraseri

Abies fraseri NC, Roan Mt.

NC, Roan Mt.

Fraser Fir, Fraser's Fir


Abies grandis

Abies grandis Inland Ecotype

Inland Ecotype

Clearwater Grand Fir, Giant Fir, Grand Fir


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