Carya ovata tree is well known for its rich golden fall color, edible fruit attractive for wildlife and the beautiful shaggy bark for all year interest.

Growing to 27 m tall, this long lived tree is widespread in the eastern US, zones 4-8 and is will know for its magificent Fall Color . Mature Shagbarks are easy to recognize because they have shaggy bark leading to much winter interest. This characteristic is only found on mature trees; young trees have smooth bark.
Carya ovata's nut is edible and has a very sweet taste.The word "hickory" is said to have come from the Algonquian Indians word "pawcohiccora". Shagbark hickory nuts were a highly sought after food source for the Algonquians and also popular with forest wildlife . Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, was popularly nicknamed Old Hickory, a play on the toughness of hickory wood used to make tough tools like axes.

Attributes of the Shagbark Hickory  Tree:


-Seed Start in November for Spring Sowing

-Beautiful Fall color
-Edible Fruit 
-Attractive Shaggy Bark
-Hard Wood for Furniture Making


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