October is the best time to start sowing this seed. Can be sown in fall, needs some TLC, and the plant will germinate in the spring. "Hop" refers to the resemblance of its fruit to hops used in beer production. This pest free, low maintenance tree is also referred to as Ironwood, because the wood is so hard it is often used in the production of beams for housing.
A slow-grower, for Zone 3-9, Ostrya virginiana has attractive grey-brown bark in long, strips that are slightly shredded at the ends. Popular with wildlife, the fall color is a mix of green, yellow and brown with a low canopy it matures gracefully with a rounded shape.




Attributes of the Hophornbeam Tree 


Seed Start in October the best time for Spring Sowing

Very Stong Wood , used to make beams also know as Ironwood Tree 
Low Maintenance, pollution tolerant
Loved by Wildlife 
Gracefully Rounded foilage with Age, low Canopy
Mature trunk grey brown with then vertical strips, shredded at ends


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