Weigela florida

Old-fashioned Weigela

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  • Weigela florida

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Weigela florida Old-fashioned Weigela is a stunning deciduous shrub that belongs to the Weigela genus. With a height that ranges from 1-5 meters (3-15 feet), this native of eastern Asia is an impressive sight, especially in early summer. The leaves of this plant are ovate-oblong and grow to be between 5-15 cm long, with a serrated margin and an acuminate tip. The flowers are 2-4 cm long and produced in small corymbs of several together. They come in white, pink, or red (rarely yellow) corolla variants that are sure to catch the eye. The fruit is a dry capsule containing numerous small winged seeds, which makes this plant a fantastic choice for those who want to attract butterflies to their garden.

This plant is not only visually stunning, but it also plays an important role in the ecosystem. The larvae of some Lepidoptera species feed on this plant, making it an essential food source for these species. Weigela florida Old-fashioned Weigela is named after the German scientist Christian Ehrenfried Weigel, who is the namesake of the entire genus.

If you're a fan of Weigela, then you'll be happy to know that there are national collections of this genus held in both the UK and Germany. The British Weigela national collection is held at Sheffield Botanical Gardens, while the German Weigela national collection is held at Sichtungsgarten Weigela in Buckow, Maerkische Schweiz.

Overall, Weigela florida Old-fashioned Weigela is a beautiful plant with a rich history and ecological importance. It's a great addition to any garden and is sure to impress visitors with its stunning flowers.

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