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Wasabia japonica (Wasabi seed) Sheffield's Seed Co., Inc.
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Wasabia japonica

Japanese Horseradish, Wasabi

Recalcitrant seeds need refrigeration. Since shipping times are out of our control, we are not liable for seed condition upon arrival.
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  • Wasabia japonica

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Growing Info

Scarification: none required
Stratification: cold stratify for 60 days
Germination: sow 1/8" deep, mulch the seed bed, keep moist

Discover the exotic taste of Wasabia japonica, also known as Wasabi or Japanese horseradish. This unique condiment, part of the Brassicaceae family which includes cabbages, horseradish, and mustard, comes with a pungent flavor and spicy punch that invigorates the nasal passages more than the tongue, promising a gastronomical experience like no other. The Wasabi plant flourishes naturally in the mountainous river valleys of Japan, where its stem is harvested and used as a condiment. Despite its comparison to horseradish, wasabi offers a unique taste profile, thanks to the volatile compound allyl isothiocyanate, which adds to its initial strong pungency. Moreover, our wasabi does not belong to any particular variety but comes from selected bigger stemmed wasabi plants, cloned via tissue culture. We offer also seed grown wasabi suitable for cultivating new varieties.

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