Viburnum prunifolium

Blackhaw, Smooth blackhaw

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  • Viburnum prunifolium

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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: warm stratify for 180 days, cold stratify for 60 days
Germination: sow 1/4 deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed| sow seed 3/8" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Looking for a small tree or multistemmed shrub that thrives in most soils and sun or shade? Check out Viburnum prunifolium, also known as blackhaw, blackhaw viburnum, sweet haw, or stag bush. This deciduous plant is native to southeastern North America, from Connecticut to Texas, and features creamy white flowers in flat-topped clusters and 1/2 inch berries that start pinkish and finish a stunning bluish black. The fruit is used in preserves, and the plant provides great fall color and early winter food for birds. Medicinally, the bark of the blackhaw tree has been used for centuries to treat gynecological conditions, including menstrual cramps and menopause. Black haw also has antispasmodic properties and has been used to treat digestive cramps and bile ducts. Please note, black haw is not currently on the FDA's "generally recognized as safe list," and pregnant women should avoid it until their third trimester.

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