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Vaccinium myrtilloides - Velvetleaf Huckleberry/Sourtop/Canadian Blueberry Seed - Sheffield`s Seed Co., Inc.
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Vaccinium myrtilloides

Canadian Blueberry, Common Blueberry, Sourtop Blueberry, Velvetleaf Blueberry, Velvetleaf Huckleberry

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  • Vaccinium myrtilloides

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Vaccinium myrtilloides
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Vaccinium myrtilloides


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Growing Info

Scarification: none required
Stratification: none required
Germination: surface sow on peat or sphagnum moss and keep moist by misting.

Other: 30-90 day cold stratification has been suggested 

Looking for a sweet and low spreading blueberry plant that is native to North America? Consider Vaccinium myrtilloides, also known as the Canadian Blueberry, Common Blueberry, Sourtop Blueberry, Velvetleaf Blueberry, or Velvetleaf Huckleberry. This deciduous shrub grows up to 50 cm tall and produces small sweet berries that range from bright blue to dark blue in color. It is also an important food source for black bears, deer, small mammals, and birds.

Vaccinium myrtilloides prefers a moist and lime-free soil that is rich in peat or light loamy soil with added leaf-mould. It thrives in full sun or light shade, but fruits better in a sunny position. It also requires shelter from strong winds. The correct name for this species has caused confusion, as it is often called V. canadense. If you're interested in cultivating this plant, it's best to grow it in pots until it's ready to be placed in its permanent position.

This native plant is not only grown commercially in Canada and Maine, but it also grows in open coniferous woods with dry, loose acidic soils, as well as forested bogs and rocky areas. It is fire-tolerant and often abundant following forest fires or clear-cut logging. Vaccinium myrtilloides also hybridizes in the wild with Vaccinium angustifolium (Lowbush blueberry).

If you're looking for a low-maintenance, sweet, and native blueberry plant, consider Vaccinium myrtilloides. Not only will you enjoy its delicious berries, but local wildlife will also appreciate them as an important food source. Learn more about this species on the USDA website.

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