Montezuma Bald Cypress, Montezuma Baldcypress Taxodium huegelii

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Botanical Name:

Taxodium huegelii







Common Name:

Montezuma Bald Cypress, Montezuma Baldcypress

130 feet
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  • Taxodium huegelii

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Growing Info, follow in order:
Scarification: Soak in ethyl alcohol, let stand in alcohol for 5 minutes.
Stratification: cold stratify for 90 days.
Germination: sow seed 1/4" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed.
Other: can be fall sown without stratification.
In a Nutshell:
* It occurs from 300 to 2,500 m (980 to 8,200 ft), in Mexico mainly in highlands at 1,600 m (5,200 ft) and 2,300 m (7,500 ft) altitude. It is a large evergreen or semi-evergreen tree growing to 40 m (130 ft) tall and with a trunk of 1–3 m (3.3–9.8 ft) diameter (occasionally much more; see below). The leaves are spirally arranged but twisted at the base to lie in two horizontal ranks, 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) long and 1–2 mm (0.039–0.079 in) broad. The cones are ovoid, 1.5–2.5 cm (0.59–0.98 in) long and 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) broad.Montezuma Cypress is primarily a riparian tree, growing along upland riversides, but can also be found next to springs and marshes . Unlike Bald Cypress and Pond Cypress , Montezuma Cypress rarely produces cypress knees from the roots . Trees from the Mexican highlands achieve a notable stoutness. They are very drought -tolerant and fast-growing and favor climates that are rainy throughout the year or at least with high summer rainfall. more...
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