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Summaryedit DescriptionAPI Spartina sercowata Date June 2007 Source Own work Author Lilly M
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Author:Original uploader was Das Ohr at de.wikipedia (Original text : Philipp Zinger)
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2018 crop Minnesota
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Spartina pectinata

Marsh Grass, Prairie Cord Grass, Prairie Cordgrass, Salt Grass

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  • Spartina pectinata

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8.57 lb
Spartina pectinata


Germination test:
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8.57 lb
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South Dakota
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Growing Info

Scarification: none required, addition of moisture can improve germination time
Stratification: none required
Germination: Sow in spring for germination; , surface sow and keep moist

Spartina pectinata, also known as prairie cordgrass, is a hardy and versatile grass native to central North America that can adapt to a range of habitats, from wet prairies and marshes to ordinary garden soil. With sturdy hollow stems that can grow up to three meters in height, it forms dense stands that provide good cover for game and song birds and small mammals. Its dense root system stabilizes soil and makes it suitable for erosion control. Although it is unpalatable to livestock when mature, it has been investigated as a possible biofuel source. With its sharp, serrated leaves and flowering spike, Spartina pectinata makes a striking addition to any garden or landscape in full sun or part shade. If you're looking for a versatile and hardy grass that can adapt to a range of conditions and provide environmental benefits, consider Spartina pectinata for your next landscape project.

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