Silene chalcedonica

Burning Love, Dusky Salmon, Flower of Bristol, Jerusalem Cross, Maltese Cross, Nonesuch

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  • Silene chalcedonica

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Germination: spring sow indoors before last frost or direct sow outdoors after the threat of frost is over

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Introducing the beautiful and vibrant Lychnis chalcedonica, a flowering plant in the family Caryophyllaceae. Also known as Burning Love, Dusky Salmon, Flower of Bristol, Jerusalem Cross, Maltese Cross and Nonesuch, this herbaceous perennial plant can grow up to 100cm tall with unbranched stems and opposite, broad lanceolate leaves. The bright red flowers are produced in clusters of 10-50 together, each with a deeply five-lobed corolla, creating a shape similar to the Maltese Cross to which it owes its name. This plant is easy to cultivate and popular in gardens, offering numerous cultivars with varying flower colours from bright red, to orange-red, pink or white. It grows best in partial to full sun and well-drained soil with constant moisture supply. The double flowered cultivars are propagated by division. Be sure to remove faded flowers to extend the flowering period. While it is short-lived in poorly drained soil, Lychnis chalcedonica can become naturalised or even invasive if plants are allowed to set seed, so take care with your planting. Thomas Jefferson is even known to have sowed this plant at his home, Monticello!

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