Early Azalea, Roseshell Azalea Rhododendron prinophyllum

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Botanical Name:

Rhododendron prinophyllum







Common Name:

Early Azalea, Roseshell Azalea

4-6 feet
Minimum Hardiness Zone:

Supply of seed is uncertain due to limited collectors for this species.

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  • Rhododendron prinophyllum

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Growing Info, follow in order:
Scarification: none required.
Stratification: none required.
Germination: requires light for germination, surface sow and keep moist.
Other: Sterile soil should be used, care should be taken to not sow the seed too thick.
In a Nutshell:
* This deciduous azalea (commonly called early azalea or roseshell azalea) is a Missouri native shrub which typically occurs on wooded, north-facing slopes and wooded ravines and along streams in the far southeastern part of the State. Pink flowers appear in early spring (April-May in St. Louis) before or at the time of the emergence of the foliage. Flowers (to 1.5" long) are in trusses of 5-9 flowers each and have a pleasant, clove-like fragrance. Bright green foliage (grayish woolly beneath) turns bronzish in fall. Extremely winter hardy (grows in the wild as far north as Quebec) and is one of the parents of the Northern Lights hybrids developed by the University of Minnesota. An upright, rounded shrub which typically grows 4-8' tall (less frequently to 15' tall) and as wide. Formerly known as Rhododendron roseum. more...
Usda description:
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