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Pinus densiflora

Japanese Red Pine

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  • Pinus densiflora

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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: cold stratify for 30 days
Germination: sow seed 1/8" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

The Pinus densiflora, commonly known as the Japanese Red Pine, is a majestic tree with a height of 20-35 meters that originates from Japan, Korea, northeastern China, and the southeast of Russia. This popular ornamental tree has light blue-green or dark green needles that are 3-5", with crooked branches that give it a picturesque appeal. Though it becomes yellowish in winter, it thrives in well-drained soil that is slightly acidic and prefers full sun. It is widely used in bonsai and landscaping, thanks to its appealing form. The Japanese Red Pine is also known for its skin benefits, with the skin treatment being used for various skin complaints such as wounds, burns, boils and many more. The tree is widely cultivated in Japan for timber production and ornamental use, and several cultivars have been selected, including the variegated semi-dwarf Oculus Draconis, the pendulous Pendula, and the multi-trunked Umbraculifera. This tree also represents Korean spirit and virtues of Confucianism in Korea, where it is known as Sonamu (pine tree). Overall, Japanese Red Pine is a beautiful and beneficial addition to any landscape.

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