Perilla frutescens

Beefsteakplant, Perilla, Shiso

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  • Perilla frutescens

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Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: none required
Germination: surface sow and keep moist, requires light for germination

Perilla frutescens, also known as Perilla, Beefsteakplant or Shiso, is an annual plant native to Southeast Asia and the Indian highlands. It is widely cultivated in Korea, Southern China, and India. Perilla frutescens var. crispa, also known as shiso, is another culinary variety of the plant used in Japanese and Vietnamese cuisine. Perilla leaves are green with a touch of purple on the underside and have a broad oval shape with serrated margins. The plant is rich in dietary fiber and minerals and is used extensively in culinary preparations in China, India, Japan, Korea, and Nepal. Perilla seeds can be roasted and ground with salt, chilis, and tomatoes to make a savory dip or chutney, and the oil pressed from toasted perilla seeds has a unique nutty aroma and taste, making it an excellent flavor enhancer, condiment, and cooking oil in Korean cuisine. The plant is also used in Manchu, Manipuri, and Nepalese cuisine. Perilla frutescens is a versatile and highly nutritious ingredient that adds a distinct flavor to any dish.

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