Papaver nudicaule

Iceland Poppy, Icelandic Poppy

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  • Papaver nudicaule

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Papaver nudicaule


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Scarification: none required
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Germination: surface sow and keep moist, tamp the soil, requires light for germination

The Iceland Poppy, also known as Papaver nudicaule or Icelandic Poppy, is a beautiful boreal flowering plant native to subpolar regions of northern Europe and North America. This hardy but short-lived perennial is often grown as a biennial and produces large, papery, bowl-shaped flowers with a light fragrance. The flowers are supported by hairy, curved stems that can reach up to one foot tall. The plant features feathery blue-green foliage that ranges from 1 to 6 inches in length. Iceland poppies were first described by botanists in 1759 and can be found in white or yellow varieties. They are hardy in USDA Zones 3a-10b. It's essential to note that the plant contains toxic alkaloids, which are poisonous if consumed. Despite this, the Iceland Poppy is a popular choice for garden enthusiasts due to its beautiful appearance and ability to last several days in a vase. Cultivars of the Iceland Poppy come in various shades, including yellow, orange, salmon, rose, pink, cream, and white. The plant prefers light, well-drained soil and full sun and is not suitable for hot summer climates, as it perishes quickly. Overall, the Iceland Poppy is a stunning addition to any garden, offering a burst of color and delicate floral beauty.

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