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Mentha spicata

Spear Mint, Spearmint

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  • Mentha spicata

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Scarification: none required
Stratification: none required
Germination: sow seed 1/16" deep, tamp the soil, lightly mulch the seed bed.|Sow seeds early spring when the soil is warm.

Looking for a refreshing and flavorful herb to liven up your cooking or brew a refreshing tea? Look no further than Mentha spicata, also known as Spear Mint or Spearmint. This hardy perennial plant is native to much of Europe and southwest Asia, though its early cultivation makes its exact natural range uncertain. It thrives in wet soils and is known for its strong, refreshing mint scent and small pink, lilac, or white flowers. Spearmint is often used as a herb and a source of essential oil, with its leaves perfect for use in salads, cooked foods, and mint sauce. A herb tea can also be made from fresh or dried leaves, offering a pleasant and refreshing taste that leaves your mouth feeling clean. Spearmint is a great addition to mixed drinks like the mojito and mint julep, as well as flavored teas and iced sweet tea, a summertime staple in the Southern United States. Additionally, recent research has shown that spearmint tea may be used as a treatment for mild hirsutism in women, with its anti-androgenic properties helping to reduce the level of free testosterone in the blood. Whether you're a fan of its flavor or looking for some herbal relief, Mentha spicata is a versatile and useful herb that you're sure to love.

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