Tecate Cypress, Forbe's Cypress Hesperocyparis forbesii - Callitropsis forbesii, Cupressus forbesii, Cupressus guadalupensis var. forbesii

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Botanical Name:

Hesperocyparis forbesii







Common Name:

Tecate Cypress, Forbe's Cypress

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0.2 lb
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Germination Test Type:
20-30 feet
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Tecate, CA
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Very unique seed! 

In Stock: 0.2 lb
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Growing Info, follow in order:
Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours.
Stratification: cold stratify for 30 days.
Germination: sow seed 1/16" deep, tamp the soil, lightly mulch the seed bed.
Other: seed can be treated with Captan (4 tablespoons/gallon of water) during stratification to prevent fungal problems.
In a Nutshell:
* Cupressus forbesii, now reclassified by some as Hesperocyparis forbesii, and with the common names Tecate cypress or Forbes' cypress, is a species of cypress native to southwestern North America. more...
* Cupressus forbesii is native to montane chaparral and woodlands habitats in the western Peninsular Ranges. It grows at elevations of 450–1,500 metres (1,480–4,920 ft). The tree is found only in the Santa Ana Mountains of Orange County and in San Diego County within Southern California, and in northern Baja California state of Mexico more...
* The northernmost stand, in Orange County, which comprises a large area on the upper limits of Coal Canyon and on Sierra Peak in the Santa Ana Mountains, burned in a 2006 wildfire. Very few mature trees survived but regeneration is occurring by the hundreds to thousands. more...
* The Tecate cypress is the only plant on which the rare Thorne's Hairstreak (Callophrys gryneus thornei) lays its eggs. more...
* Cupressus forbesii has proven to be a successful specimen tree, tolerant of the California Coastal climate and its cool temperatures and humidity, where other inland-growing cypress species such as Cupressus macnabiana have done poorly in these conditions more...
* A Tecate Cypress planted at Strybing Arboretum in San Francisco is showing vigor and produces viable cones at forty years of age. more...
* The genus Cupressus has been changed to genus Hesperocyparis for North America more...
Short description:
Cupressus forbesii ( Tecate Cypress ) is a species of cypress native to Southern California and Mexico. The northernmost stand, comprising a very large area on the upper limits of Coal Canyon and Sierra Peak in Orange County, California, burned in a 2006 wildfire. Very few mature trees survived, however regeneration is occurring by the hundreds, if not thousands. However given another devastating wildfire before seedlings are able to reach cone-producing age (which can be quite old for this species), this stand could easily be extirpated.
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