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Meadow Fescue, Festuca pratensis - Festuca elatior, Sheffield's Seed Co., Inc.
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Meadow Fescue, Festuca pratensis - Festuca elatior, Sheffield's Seed Co., Inc.
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Festuca pratensis

Meadow Fescue

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  • Festuca pratensis

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Growing Info

Scarification: none required
Stratification: none required
Germination: surface sow and keep moist, mulch the seed bed

Looking for a cool season turfgrass that thrives in a wide range of soils and climate conditions? Look no further than Festuca pratensis, or Meadow Fescue. This perennial grass grows between 30 and 120 cm and flowers from June until July, making it an important forage crop. Its short ligule sets it apart from other grasses, and its tall, tufted growth resembles that of tall fescue.

Meadow Fescue can grow in a variety of locations, including meadows, roadsides, and riverbanks, but it performs best on moist, nutrient-rich soils. It is adapted to cooler climates, and can remain green for longer periods than other tall fescues. While it can grow on poorer, sandy soils, it will require more moisture than it would on richer soils. It can be slow to establish, so patience is required during the growing process.

Despite its many advantages, Meadow Fescue has been largely replaced by other tall fescues in recent years. Still, it remains a hardy and versatile grass that will perform well in many conditions. If you want a grass that will remain green for longer during cooler months, is suited to wetter soils, and provides vital forage for livestock, look no further than Festuca pratensis.

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