Eucalyptus sideroxylon

Red Ironbark

  • Eucalyptus sideroxylon

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Looking for a hardy and beautiful tree to add to your landscape? Consider Eucalyptus sideroxylon, also known as Mugga, Red Ironbark or Mugga Ironbark. This evergreen tree can grow up to 30 meters tall, with a clear trunk and a moderate growth rate. The bark is persistent on the trunk and large branches, with a hard and deeply furrowed texture that ranges from dark grey to black. E. sideroxylon is known for its high resistance to rotting and is often used for fence posts, piers, sleepers, and firewood. The heartwood is dark red and sapwood is pale yellow, with a dense, hard, fine-grained timber that can be difficult to work with but polishes to a high sheen. Its leaves are used in the production of cineole-based eucalyptus oil and it attracts a variety of wildlife. E. sideroxylon is easy to grow from seed and can tolerate drought and poorly nutritious soil. Add it to your landscape to enjoy its gorgeous aesthetic and practical uses.

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