Diospyros kaki

Japanese Persimmon

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  • Diospyros kaki

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This is orchard seed and self pollinating.


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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: cold stratify for 90 days
Germination: sow seed 3/8" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Diospyros kaki (Japanese Persimmon) is a highly sought after fruit tree known for its exquisite flavor and striking appearance. This deciduous tree boasts dark green, shiny leaves that brilliantly transform into a kaleidoscope of red, orange, and yellow during autumn. The 3-inch edible orange fruits are the star of the show, delivering a taste experience like no other when fully ripe and soft.
Originating from China, the kaki has been cultivated for more than 2000 years, making it one of the oldest plants in existence. Its resemblance to an apple tree in shape adds to its appeal. Not only is the kaki visually impressive, but it also packs a nutritional punch. With a significantly high proportion of beta-carotene (provitamin A), the kaki fruit is a valuable addition to any diet. However, it's important to note that kaki fruit must be fully ripened before consumption as it contains high levels of tannin when immature, resulting in astringency and bitterness. Once ripe, the fruit reveals thick, pulpy jelly enveloped in a thin, waxy skin.
Diospyros kaki Japanese Persimmon is a magnificent addition to any garden or orchard. With its beauty, history, and exceptional taste, this fruit tree is sure to delight both the eyes and taste buds of anyone fortunate enough to have it gracing their landscape. Explore the wonders of this ancient plant and enjoy the bountiful harvest of its irresistible fruits.

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