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Coronilla varia

Crown Vetch

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  • CORONILLA varia

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2.85 lb


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2.85 lb
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Growing Info

Scarification: none required
Stratification: none required
Germination: Broadcast, drill or hydoseed, , mulch the seed bed lightly, Sow seed at temps. of 64-72 degrees F. maintain an even moisture. Germination may take 3-5 months.

Other: Seeding rate 20lbs/acre alone. 

Coronilla varia, also known as Crown Vetch, is a versatile low-growing legume vine that is native to Africa, Asia, and Europe. It is commonly used for erosion control, roadside planting, and soil rehabilitation throughout the United States and Canada. Although it has become an invasive species in some areas, it can be a valuable ground cover choice for its positive effects on soil health and its ability to prevent soil erosion. The feathery compound leaves and clover-like flower heads will lend a delicate beauty to any landscape. Coronilla varia prefers full sun and can tolerate regular watering or drought conditions. It is hardy in USDA Zones 4-9 and can be propagated from seed which usually germinates quickly, making it an easy addition to your garden or restoration project. Choose from varieties such as 'Emerald' for a vigorous ground cover or 'Penngift' for a tidier plant with darker pink flowers. Consider Coronilla varia Crown Vetch for a tough and attractive ground cover for your landscape needs.

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