Golden Tickseed Coreopsis tinctoria

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Coreopsis tinctoria







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Golden Tickseed

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2-3 feet
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Cole Cty., MO
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Growing Info, follow in order:
Scarification: none required.
Stratification: none required.
Germination: surface sow and keep moist.
In a Nutshell:
* Plains coreopsis, garden tickseed, golden tickseed, or calliopsis, Coreopsis tinctoria, is an annual forb. The plant is common to Canada (from Quebec to British Columbia), northeast Mexico (Coahuila, Nuevo León, Tamaulipas), and much of the United States, especially the Great Plains and Southern states where it is often called "calliopsis.
* Growing quickly, Coreopsis tinctoria plants attain heights of 12 to 40 inches (30–100 cm).
* The Zuni people traditionally use the blossoms of the tinctoria variety to make a mahogany red dye for yarn.
* Women also used an infusion of the whole plant of this variety, except for the root, if they desired a female child.
* Plains coreopsis is cultivated as an ornamental plant for gardens, and as a native plant for wildlife gardens and natural landscaping. It grows well in many types of soil, but seems to prefer sandy or well-drained soils. more...
* A tea can be made from the dried plant. It was used as a coffee substitute.
* Requires a sunny position. Established plants are drought resistant. more...
Plains coreopsis or calliopsis (Coreopsis tinctoria) , is an annual forb . The small, slender seeds germinate in fall (overwintering as a low rosette) or early spring. Growing quickly, plants attain heights of 12 to 40 inches (30–100 cm). Leaves are pinnately-divided, glabrous and tending to thin at the top of the plant where numerous 1- to 1.5-inch (2.5-to 4-cm) flowers sit atop slender stems. Flowers are brilliant yellow with maroon or brown centers of various sizes. Flowering typically occurs in mid-summer.
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Physical Characteristics  Coreopsis tinctoria is a ANNUAL growing to 0.8 m (2ft 7in) by 0.2 m (0ft 8in). It is in leaf 11-Apr It is in flower from Jun to September, and the seeds ripen from Jun to October. The flowers are hermaphrodite (have both male and female organs) and are pollinated by Bees.It is noted for attracting wildlife. The plant prefers light (sandy) and medium (loamy) soils and requires well-drained soil.The plant prefers acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils..It cannot grow in the shade.It requires dry or moist soil and can tolerate drought.
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