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Carya ovata Shagbark Hickory Sheffield`s Seed Co., Inc.
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Carya ovata (Shagbark Hickory seed) Sheffield`s Seed Co., Inc.
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Carya ovata


Shagbark Hickory

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  • Carya ovata Northern

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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours, repeat process daily for 4 days
Stratification: cold stratify for 120 days
Germination: sow 1-2" deep, keep moist, mulch the seed bed, can be sown outdoors in the fall for spring germination

Carya ovata, also known as the Shagbark Hickory, is a large and distinguishable deciduous tree that grows up to 27 meters tall and can live up to 200 years. Its unique shaggy bark is only found on mature trees, while young specimens have smooth bark. The edible nuts of the Shagbark Hickory have a very sweet taste and were a significant food source for native Algonquian Indians and wildlife such as squirrels, raccoons, and birds. This tree seed can be started in November for spring planting. Though unsuitable for commercial production, the nuts can be used as a substitute for pecans and have similar culinary functions. Shagbark Hickory wood is known for its toughness and resilience, used in implements and tools such as axles, axe handles, plows, and skis. Though rarely used as an ornamental, it is a valuable addition to any landscape. Plant a Shagbark Hickory to enjoy its unique features and benefits for generations to come.

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