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Calendula officinalis `Pacific Beauty` - Pacific Beauty Mix Pot Marigold Seed - Sheffield`s Seed Co., Inc.

Calendula officinalis

'Pacific Beauty'

Pacific Beauty Mix Pot Marigold

Pacific Beauty is a tall stem series (up to 18" in height) with blend of yellow, orange and golden flowers that are semi-double to fully double.
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  • Calendula officinalis Pacific Beauty

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Germination: Seeds may be sown directly into bed during spring and summer.

Introducing Calendula officinalis - Pacific Beauty Mix Pot Marigold, an annual plant with stunning orange flowers that bloom within 6-7 weeks in a variety of sunny colors. Native to Southern Europe, it's easy to grow in most types of soil and is bothered by few pests or cultural problems, providing the soil is well-drained. Calendula is an edible plant, with its leaves and petals being a rich source of vitamins and minerals. The fresh petals can be chopped and added to salads, while the dried petals can be used as a seasoning. An edible yellow dye is obtained from the petals, which is used to color and flavor rice, soups and more. Additionally, a tea is made from the petals and flowers, which is less bitter when made from petals. This early blooming flower is an important source of bee forage for spring flowers and reseeds easily, giving years of beauty and nectar in the garden. Don't miss out on adding this beautiful and useful plant to your garden!

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