Betula platyphylla


Kamchatka Asian White Birch

Seeds are from Kamchatka peninsula in Russia.
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  • Betula platyphylla

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Betula platyphylla


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Growing Info

Scarification: Add moisture, mix seed with very fine peat or sand
Stratification: cold stratify for 60 days
Germination: requires light for germination, surface sow and keep moist

Other: stratification may be used instread of surface sowing, it is better to surface sow if possible. 

Adorn your landscapes with the gorgeous Betula platyphylla Kamchatka, also nicknamed Kamchatka Asian White Birch (seeds are collected from this region in Russia, and show genetic characteristics for trees from that area) , whose distinct details set it apart. This deciduous tree can reach an impressive height of 30-65 feet, supporting a light-open crown that adds to its visual appeal. Its young twigs, densely enveloped in white resin glands, have a unique color range spanning from dark gray to reddish. The 4-6 cm long leaves, with their deep green hues and small brown glands, make this tree a remarkable sight. It produces fruit catkins that are 3 cm long and generally blooms earlier than other birches – about 3 weeks ahead.
Preferring sunlight to slight shade, the Kamchatka Asian White Birch thrives in medium to wet, well-drained soils such as loamy, sandy, or clay. However, one must note that its tolerance to drought is low, hence, it requires consistently moist soil conditions. Native to Manchuria, Korea, and Japan, this birch variety is ideal for cool northern climates and is an enchanting addition to landscapes. It might need some attention as it is susceptible to aphids, armillaria, birch leaf miner, birch skeletonizer and dieback but has an inherent resistance against bronze birch borer and verticillium. As a bonus, this wonderful birch species acts like a magnet, attracting flocks of captivating birds.

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