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Agathis robusta - Queensland Kauri Seed - Sheffield's Seed Co., Inc.

Agathis robusta

Queensland Kauri

We do not stock this seed due to its very short shelf life. Please preorder with deposit and we can ship in February for seed from Australia and August for seed from India. Contact us to work out details, but we will only order this seed for USA customers. Recalcitrant seeds need refrigeration. Since shipping times are out of our control, we are not liable for seed condition upon arrival.
  • Agathis robusta

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Growing Info

Scarification: Soak in water, let stand in water for 24 hours
Stratification: none required
Germination: sow seed 3/8" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Other: Seed needs warm temperatures after sowing to germinate (75 degrees F +) 

Discover the majestic Agathis robusta, also known as the Queensland Kauri or Smooth-barked Kauri. This evergreen coniferous tree is native to the Western Pacific Region and can grow up to an impressive 45 meters in height. With a disjunct distribution in Papua New Guinea and Queensland, Australia, this tree is a true natural wonder.

Agathis robusta is found in two distinct populations. The southern population can be found on Fraser Island and around Maryborough, while the northern population is located on the Atherton Tableland west of Cairns. Previously, the northern population was known as Agathis palmerstonii, but recent studies have shown that it does not differ from the southern population and is no longer considered distinct.

In terms of appearance, the Queensland Kauri is a large tree with straight and tall growth. It features smooth, scaly bark and tough, leathery leaves that are arranged in opposite pairs on the stem. The seed cones of this tree are globose and mature in 18-20 months after pollination. Interestingly, these cones disintegrate at maturity to release the seeds. The male cones, known as pollen cones, are cylindrical and add to the tree's unique and captivating appearance.

While the Queensland Kauri was heavily logged in the past, it is important to note that the species as a whole is not endangered. Nevertheless, truly spectacular trees of prodigious size are rarer today than in pre-European times.

Agathis robusta prefers moist soil and can thrive in a variety of soil types, including light sandy, medium loamy, and heavy clay soils. It is hardy to zone 9 and can tolerate semi-shade or no shade, making it adaptable to different growing conditions.

Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of trees, the Agathis robusta is a must-see. With its grand size, smooth bark, and unique cones, this coniferous tree is sure to leave a lasting impression. Explore the wonders of the Queensland Kauri and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. For more information, visit us at [website].

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