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Golden Mimosa Tree, Acacia baileyana, Sheffield's Seed
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Acacia baileyana

Bailey Acacia, Cootamundra Wattle, Golden Mimosa

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  • Acacia baileyana

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Growing Info

Scarification: Pour boiling water over seed , let stand in water for 24 hours, repeat process on seed that did not imbibe
Stratification: none required
Germination: sow seed 1/4" deep, tamp the soil, mulch the seed bed

Other: if boiling water treatment does not allow seed to imbibe, sulfuric acid treatment is required 

Looking for a fast-growing, eye-catching shrub or tree to add to your garden? Look no further than Acacia baileyana, also known as Cootamundra wattle or Golden Mimosa. This Australian native features masses of tiny yellow flowers, blue leaves, and delicate textures. It is adaptable and easy to grow, and has even been awarded the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit. However, be aware that it has the ability to naturalize and compete with indigenous species in some areas. It is also a popular cut flower in Europe and a source of food for bees. Consider adding this beautiful plant to your landscape today!

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