What about GMO's?

Non-GMO Declaration

Sheffield’s Seed Co. Inc. hereby declares that, to the best of our knowledge, all seeds produced, processed, packed, offered and sold by our company are not derived from nor produced using GMO’s or their derivates. However, Sheffield’s Seed Co. Inc., gives no guarantee that the seed is completely GM free and accepts no liability arising from the possible presence of GM material.


Seeds supplied by Sheffield’s are either from varieties collected in nature or bred from parent components that have not been genetically modified. If not collected in nature, seed production by suppliers has been carried out in accordance with production rules.The methods used in the development and maintenance of these varieties are aimed at avoiding the presence of off-types, including genetically modified material, as defined by the applicable laws or regulations in the parent plant’s country of origin.


However, in open fields there can be free circulation of pollen. Therefore, in areas where there is also the growing of approved genetically modified plants, it is not possible to totally prevent the Adventitious Presence (AP) or Low Level Presence (LLP) of GM material. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that seed lots originating from such areas are totally free from any elements derived from nearby GM plants.


Sheffield’s Seed Co. Inc. has undertaken all reasonable steps to avoid contamination of its seed lots from genetically modified materials or their derivates. We strive to have 100% of our seeds completely GMO-trace free.

Remko Boevé

Procurement Manager

January 2021

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