Do you offer custom seed mixes?

I have about 50 acres that I would like to establish a wood lot on. It was farmed but has been idle for several years. It's now grown up to weeds and brush. What would you recommend that we grow?

We supply custom seed mixes for almost any situation. If you could answer the following questions it will help us put a mix together for you.

  1. Where is the site located: County, State, Country.
  2. Is the site wet or dry, etc.
  3. What are your ultimate and immediate goals, for example: Hardwood lumber, Wildlife habitat, etc.
  4. Do you have a seed budget in mind.
  5. Do you plan to prepare the ground by mowing, burning, plowing; or would you like to direct seed over what is already there.
  6. Do you plan to actively manage the site after sowing or just let nature take its course.
  7. Is there a specific date that this work needs to be done by?

This information is needed for us to recommend a seed mix that satisfies your requirements.

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