How Does the Order Page and Discount Pricing Work?

Ordering from Sheffield's Seed, (See example of an Order Page Below.)

1. This page contains an enormous amount of detail about the seed you are purchasing.
Highlights :
latin name, common name, quantitiy in stock, seeds/lb, germination rate, area collected, crop year of seed, size of mature tree, Zone for growing etc. (You may want to revisit this page later as well)


2. Once you determine the quantity you need:
you can enter it in the area( on the graphic) indicated with a "3.5"

you can also change the pounds to oz, packet, kg, etc and then choose "calculate" and the price will correspond
( a flexible field so play with it until you reach your desired quantitiy)

3. Add to Cart. At this point you will enter your information and choose your , Shipping Method


Hope this helps. Let us know of any concerns or suggestions on our Contact page.


discounted pricing for seeds

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