Erythrophleum fordii

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  • Erythrophleum fordii

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Scarification: Treat seeds with sulfuric acid for 9 minutes, then rinse for 10 minutes.
Germination: Sow at a depth of about 4,8 inch (2cm). Germination should take place in 7-10 days.

Discover the astonishing Erythrophleum fordii, a unique species of plant belonging to the Fabaceae family. This remarkable tree reaches an average height of about 30 ft, and occasionally it may surprise you as it grows up to a towering 90 ft. Notably found in the scenic landscapes of southeastern China, Taiwan, and the vibrant Vietnam, the Erythrophleum fordii is more than just an ordinary plant.
This majestic tree holds high value as a timber source, thus being a significant resource for the timber industry. However, the actual potential of the tree is under threat due to overexploitation, leading to necessary conservation efforts. Notably, it is listed under second-class national protection in China, underscoring the pivotal role it plays in local ecosystems and industries.
Dive deep into the story of the Erythrophleum fordii, learn about its benefits, threats, and the conservation efforts it motivates.

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