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Seed Packet of the Month of January 2019


Why Tulip Tree Seed?

The Beautiful Tulip Tree is a member of the magnolia family, (Liriodendron tulipifera) Named for its blooms, which look a lot like tulips.
A popular landscape specimen tree, planted for shade and ornamental purposes. Start to grow your own from seed this January, with the stratification time they will be ready for spring planting. 🌱
The tulip tree is the state tree of Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee.




Seed Packet of the Month of December 2018


Why Black Walnut Tree Seed?

Native to North America, Black Walnut is one of the most acclaimed species of our hardwoods. This deciduous tree 🌳grows straight and tall to 50'+. Our forefathers sought it out and it was extensively used in the construction of homes, barns, and fences; it finishes beautifully, is easy to work, durable and resistant to disease. The seeds mature in the fall to green fleshy fruit. Juglans nigra grows well from seed at a fast rate in Zones 5-9. Start the seed🌱now and keep moist 90-120 in stratification . The plant will awaken when exposed to warm conditions in the spring. Known for it rich edible nuts, lumber and ornamental trees, the Black Walnut is one of our national treasures.🌱 








grow from seed at a fast rate.  





Attributes of the Black Walnut Tree:


Seed Start in December for Spring Sowing

Rich flavors nuts for wildlife and humans consumption
Ornamental Tree growing straight at a fast rate
Highly valued wood, strong, resistance to decay
Hard Wood for Construction, Furniture with good grain, easy to work with 


Seed Packet of the Month November 2018


Why Shagbark Hickory Tree Seed?

A large landscape tree the provides good shade popular for residential areas and parks. Carya ovata tree is well known for its rich golden fall color, edible fruit attractive for wildlife and the beautiful shaggy bark for all year interest.
Time to start these seeds is Now.🌱 















Attributes of the Shagbark Hickory  Tree:


Seed Start in November for Spring Sowing

Beautiful Fall color
Edible Fruit 
Attractive Shaggy Bark
Hard Wood for Furniture Making



Seed Packet of the Month October 2018


Why Hophornbean Tree Seed?


A Seed that is Perfect to Start Sowing in October
Hophornbeam Tree Seed

October🎃is the best time to start sowing this seed. 🍂Can be sown in fall, needs some TLC, and the plant will germinate in the spring. "Hop" refers to the resemblance of its fruit to hops used in beer 🍺production. This pest free, low maintenance tree is also referred to as Ironwood, because the wood is so hard it is often used in the production of beams for housing.🏡
A slow-grower, for Zone 3-9, Ostrya virginiana has attractive grey-brown bark in long, strips that are slightly shredded at the ends. Popular with wildlife, the fall color is a mix of green, yellow and brown with a low canopy it matures gracefully with a rounded shape.



Attributes of the Hophornbeam Tree


Seed Start in October the best time for Spring Sowing

Very Stong Wood , used to make beams also know as Ironwood Tree
Low Maintenance, pollution tolerant
Loved by Wildlife
Gracefully Rounded foilage with Age, low Canopy
Mature trunk grey brown with then vertical strips, shredded at ends


Seed Packet of the Month September 2018


Why Silver Linden Tree Seed?


For a stunning flowering tree for your yard, choose Silver Linden also known as Lime Tree, Tilia tomentosa an all year beauty. Start the seeds in September for spring sowing as they are slow to germinate due to the hard seed coat. The process is worth it when you experience the attractive pale yellow flowers of spring, unique eye-catching glossy green leaves that have silvery-white bottoms, fluttering in the breeze. The fall color is in shades of yellow. The leaves are edible and do have some medicinal properties, this tree grows to 80" tall at a medium rate to Zone 5.

Attributes of the Tilia Tomentosa Tree:


Seed Start in September for Spring Sowing

Showy Spring Fragrant Flower Blooms 
Attractive Leaves glossy green on top - silver-white on bottom
Broad Columna Habit
Medicinal Properties. 








Seed Packet of the Month August 2018


Why Black Cherry Tree Seed?

This deciduous tree growing to 15-30 m tall, the fruit is popular with birds. Medicinal properties as well as the making of wood furniture. The seed needs a long cold period and by starting the seeds now they will be ready to plant next spring. 

The beautiful cherry blossoms appear in the spring followed by red fruit maturing to a black-purple color popular for wildlife like birds and bees in late summer. The fruit is used to flavor jelly, run and brandy through the ages. The inner bark is said to have some medicinal properties, alysocide as a cough remedy among others.




Attributes of the Black Cherry Tree  :


Beautiful Blooms in Spring 

Attractive Landscape tree for small yards, parks, and farm borders
Medicinal Properties from the  inner bark of the tree
Fruit is attractive to birds and wildlife
Valued hardwood in furniture building 
Fruit favoring for jams, jellies, rum, and brandy 




Seed Packet of the Month July 2018

Why Serviceberry Seed? 
 Start seed in July with stratification, sow iin the fall for seedlings next spring. A beautiful small flowering tree with all year interest. Gorgeous early white blooms in the spring, followed by juicy red berries in the summer and vivid gold leaves in the fal

 A Beautiful Flowering tree blooming in March with fragrant white flowers. This small tree 15-25' tall, produces

juicy green berries that turn to purple in early summer used in jams and pies. This all-season beauty is a popular yard tree. 








Attributes of the Serviceberry Tree  :


Beautiful Blooms in Eary Spring 

Attractive Landscape tree for small yards
Pollution resistant 
Fruit is attractive to birds and bees
Extensive root system good for erosion control
Good Tree for natural areas

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Seed Packet of the Month June 2018

Why White Fringetree Seed? 
Because Seed has a double dormancy 

So a warm period (now) followed by a cold period (late fall & winter) for germination to take place: 

We recommend starting this seed in June, no time like the present.


Start Seed of White Fringetree in June for a beautiful flowering small tree.  Chionanthus virginicus ( White Fringetree ) Grown for its masses of glorious, delicate, white, slightly fragrant flowers in May; of open, spreading habit; native to the southeastern United States but hardy nearly everywhere; dark green leaf sometimes a golden yellow in fall.







Attributes of the White Fringetree  :


Beautiful Blooms in Late Spring and Summer

Attractive Landscape tree for small yards
Heat and Drought Tolerant
Fruit is attractive to wildlife
Medicinal properties 






Seed Packet of the Month May 2018

Why White Spruce Tree Seed? 
Because NO stratification required can plant the seeds now for spring and summer growth. 


Picea glauca ( White Spruce ) is a species of spruce that covers about 1/3 of the northern USA and Canada. A fast-growing tree, especially when young with annual increases of up to 1 metre in height. New growth takes place from April to July. Trees should be planted into their permanent positions when they are quite small, as the tough wood grows they do not like to be replanted. The crushed leaves are quite aromatic. 







Attributes of the White Spruce :


Withstands wind, heat, cold, drought & crowding

Good for cities, yards, parks, rural areas, forests
Makes a good Bonsai
Pyramidal shape and dense branching for Christmas Trees
Timber Tree with producing tough lumber
Foliage food for animals 

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Seed Packet of the Month April 2018

Why Balsam Fir Tree Seed? 
Because if you start it now it will be ready to sow Outside in May. 

Abies balsamea is easy to grow from seed, stratify and plant in April and plant outdoors when the threat of frost is past. 
A North American Fir, native to most of eastern and central Canada & US. Small to medium size evergreen makes a wonderful

Christmas tree well known for its forest-like aroma that makes your home smell like the woods. 






Attributes of the Balsam Fir :


Seed Start Indoors in April 

liquid resin with beneficial properties
Beautiful dark green color, airy branches, and long-lasting needles
pyramidal crown and slender spire like tip
Fragrant Odor popular for holiday greenery from resin 
Foliage food for animals in winter, seeds in the fall



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Seed Packet of the Month March 2018

Why Persimmon Tree Seed? 
Because if you start it now it will be ready to sow outside in the Spring. 

Diospyros virginiana is easy to grow from seed and March is an excellent time to get started for Spring Planting. 

This sweet fruit, ripening in the fall is full of powerful antioxidants and makes a beautiful year-round tree with showy

foliage in the spring and golden orange autumn fruit. 





Attributes of the Persimmon Tree


Seed Start Indoors in March

Showy foliage
Excellent source of fiber
Powerful antioxidants
Attractive golden orange fruit
Wood value , strong 
Seeds, Fruit for Wildlife
Easy to Grow from Seed



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Seed Packet of the Month February 2018

Why Sugar Maple Seed? 
Because if you start it now it will be ready to sow outside in the Spring. 

Acer saccharum is a  species of maple native to the hardwood forests of northeastern North America, hardy to zone 3.

This tree is famous as the source for sap used in maple syrup production.

This beautiful tree flowers in April - May and the seeds ripen from Oct - December.







Attributes of the Sugar Maple:


Seed Start Indoors in February

Stunning Fall Colors
Long Life Tree 300-400 Years
Hard Wood, Strong, Close-grained
Sugar Sap for Maple Syrup 
Seeds, Fruit for Wildlife



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