Magnolia Cones

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In a Nutshell
  • Nature Inspired Decor
  •  Natural from the forest, no chemicals or preservatives
  • Keep out of the hands of small children
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, Made in the USA
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Arts and Crafts, Parties, and Holidays
  • Holiday Craft Ideas like Potpourri Fillers, Wreaths
  • Botanical Ornaments
  • Premium Durability, easy to work with



Quantity :  Sold by Weight

1 lb= 22 cones


Size: Medium Cones : 3-6" in length
Color: Ranging from golden to dark brown 
Tree:  Magnolia Tree: Latin Name: Magnolia grandiflora

Choose Cone Count:  1lb - 22 cones


These are perfect if you're looking for something exotic. The size above refers to the cone itself. Each of these cones is also on a stem.  These unique cones are exotic looking in centerpieces and as fillers and amazing in wreaths. They are often used in floral arrangements with a rustic theme and are gaining popularity with DIY holiday decor trends. 


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  • Magnolia Cones

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