Blood Sage, Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage, Cherry Red Sage Salvia coccinea

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Botanical Name:

Salvia coccinea







Common Name:

Blood Sage, Scarlet Sage, Texas Sage, Cherry Red Sage

12 inches

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  • Salvia coccinea

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Growing Info, follow in order:
Scarification: none required.
Stratification: none required.
Germination: Surface sow and just cover with vermiculite. Sow in temperatures of 70-75F (20-25C). Do not exclude light.
In a Nutshell:
* The plant reaches 2 to 4 ft (0.61 to 1.2 m) in height, with many branches, and a spread of about 2.5 ft (0.76 m). The hairy leaves, scalloped on the edges, are pea green, varying in size, all the way up to 3 in (7.6 cm) long and 2 in (5.1 cm) wide. Flower color and size is quite variable. The naturalized variety is typically tubular, bright red, about 1.25 in (3.2 cm) long. Cultivated varieties include orange-red, pink, salmon, red, white, and scarlet, and include bi-colored varieties. Flowers are pollinated by hummingbirds and butterflies. more...
* Erect, bushy annual with oval to heart-shaped, toothed, hairy, dark green leaves 2 1/2" long. Blooms from summer to autumn with red flowers up to 3/4" long. Spreading growth to 12".
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