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These are large cones with a good 4" diameter, tall but also wide giving them a more round to oblong shape. Each Jeffrey pine cone is unique. The sharp Jeffrey pine tree cone scale barbs point inward, so the cone feels smooth to the palm of one's hand when rubbed down the cone, giving it the name "Gentle Jeffrey". Extremely appealing symmetrical cones with tan and brown coloring. Popular for bird feeders, easy to pack with bird seed, and a good size for hanging from a tree. 

Jeffrey Pine Cones

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  • Jeffrey Pine Cones

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In a Nutshell

  • Nature Inspired Decor
  •  Natural from the forest, no chemicals or preservatives
  • Keep out of the hands of small children
  • Cones are naturally imperfect, beautifully crafted by nature, and made in the USA
  • Floral Arrangements
  • Arts and Crafts, Parties, and Holidays
  • Holiday Craft Ideas like Potpourri Fillers, Wreaths
  • Botanical Ornaments
  • Premium Durability, easy to work with. 
  • Rustic Table Accents
  • Painted or scented

Quantity:  Sold by Weight

1 lb= 5 Jeffery Pine Cones

Size: Large, woody cone, 4 to 7 inches long x 4" diameter; broadly egg-shaped
Color: Reddish-brown when mature
Tree: Jeffrey Pine: Latin Name: Pinus jeffreyi 

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